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5 Tips to stop overeating for good

5 Tips to stop overeating for good

5 Tips to stop overeating for good. Feeling out of control and not being able to stop yourself is a horrible feeling. Especially when it’s stopping you from achieving your goals.

Not being able to stop eating is more common than you think. And sometimes there can be a pretty simple solution for this problem.

But when you feel like there is a more serious mental problem going on, don’t hesitate to contact any professional.

When you are overeating it is important to find the reason why. This isn’t as easy as you might think, because the answer is not ‘I was just hungry‘. It is important to understand this reason so you can solve it!

Solutions for overeating

There are certain situations that will encourage overeating. Some are more obvious than others so it’s important to keep a close watch on when you are doing this.

But there can also be a different reason that causes you to overeat!


Most people tend to overeat when they are in social situations, these situations make it more difficult to say no.

You’re probably eating out as well, and even when you can say no there won’t be an option that helps you achieve your goal.

When this is your problem you can suggest doing something different with your friends, that doesn’t include food. Or you need to learn to say no, and this is way harder than it sounds

Another situation where people tend to overeat easily is when they are tired. The signals of your body saying you’re tired can be mistaken for hunger.

Being sleep deprived also can stop weight loss at all because of the increase of cortisol

To fix this you need to get into a good sleeping pattern. Something that you can stick to every day of the week and allows you to get 6-8 hours of good sleep.


To be honest this is my biggest problem. Being bored. When your mind has nothing to do it will go to food. But also when you are hanging in front of the TV or watching Netflix.

People end up grabbing a bag of chips and before they even realize it, it’s gone. Finding a hobby or activity you really enjoy doing is your best solution here.

It will not only get your mind off food, it also teaches you something newPick up an instrument, learn how to speak Spanish or just simply go for a walk. 


Hydration plays a huge role in our hunger system, this may sound weird but these to work closely together. Just like sleep, thirst can be mistaken for hunger.

You feel hungry so you eat, you think you are working on solving your problem but instead, you should actually just drink a big glass of water.

Drinking a big glass right after you wake up and every time you think you are hungry can make a huge difference. This is a great habit to adopt!

When you drink a glass and after 15 minutes you are still hungry, you are actually hungry and should probably eat something!

Water is super important for our bodies, not only to get rid of that hunger feeling. But for many more reasons, if you’d like to read more about those you can click here.


Your eating too little protein. Most people think that a high protein diet is only beneficial for weightlifters or athletes, or that it is harmful.

But when you are trying to stay satiated while dieting it can be very useful as well. Protein is a macronutrient that has a very complex chemical structure, because of that it is very hard to break down for the body.

This takes longer than the other macronutrients and therefore leaves you fuller for longer.

When you feel like you are hungry really quick after eating a meal try to add some more protein to your meal.

And make sure when you snack there is always a protein source you can pick. This can make a huge difference in your appetite! Protein has also other great health benefits.

Eating speed

The last reason I’m going to talk about is your eating speed. This can actually be a huge cause of overeating. It takes your body about 20 minutes to feel full after consuming a meal.

So if you eat a meal in 15 minutes your body won’t even realize it, and you still feel hungry. Eating slower and taking your time is the best solution here.

Lay down your fork every once in a while or focus on the company around you. Another thing that will help is drinking a big glass of water while eating.

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Note: If you feel like there are any mental problems that cause you to overeat, there might be a more serious issue going on.

There is nothing to be ashamed of. The only thing I can advise you to do is to find a professional nearby you to work on this!