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What is if it fits your macros?

IIFYM, you probably have seen this term all over the internet by now. But what does that mean and is it something that actually works? Is it really possible to eat burgers, pizzas, and donuts while still losing fat?

What is IIFYM?

IIFYM stands for if it fits your macros. This is a diet or lifestyle created to make dieting easier. It is based on the idea that the food that you eat doesn’t matter but the calories you take in.

This is just when you look at weight loss and not your overall health of course. 

The idea is that you can still eat all the foods that you like while losing fat, as long as it fits your macros of course. This makes the ‘diet’ very sustainable and something that you can do for a long time.

IIFYM became really popular after a few fitness YouTubers started implementing this in their daily life.

If it fits your macros explained

First of all, you need to set a goal losing, gaining or maintaining weight. This influences your next step, this is because you are going to be in a caloric surplus or deficit depending on your goal.

The next thing you need to do is calculating what you need for your goals. You will need to know the number of calories and the macro ratio of them.

This can be easily done with the many macro calculators that are out there on the internet. Then you can play around with them until you find the numbers and ratio that works for you.

Example: you need 1800 calories to maintain your current weight. You can use a ration of 55% carbs, 25% protein and 20% fat. This will come down to 248 carbs, 40 fat, and 113 protein.

If you prefer a high-fat diet you can go for example with a ratio of 15% carb, 65% fat and 25% protein.

When you use IIFYM you need to keep track of everything you consume, since all the food you eat is made up of macros. There are very easy ways to do this, you can download an app like myfitnesspal.

This is one of the biggest tracking apps and they have a great preset database of food.

A good idea is to easy a food scale, so you will know exactly how much you are taking in. This is not necessary but it can be very hard to eyeball the exact amount you have in mind to hit your macros.


So basically you can still eat ice cream and pizza and still lose weight. That can become a little problematic for some people since being healthy has become an option with this lifestyle.

That is why a lot of people preach the 80/20 rule. Meaning you eat around 80% clean and healthy foods and the other 20% is for you to fit in whatever you want to


So IIFYM definitely has some pros and some cons:

The cons are that is it very easy to neglect your health and don’t get in enough micros. It can require a lot of time to figure out what your macros are and what works for you. As well as figuring out how to fill in your macros.

The pros of IIFYM are that it is way easier to go and eat out with family and friends. After doing it for a while it is easy to estimate and eyeball your food portions.

And because of the freedom in this diet, it is a lot more sustainable in the long run.

So it is definitely possible to get lean while eating pizzas, donuts, and hamburgers. As long as it fits your macros!