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5 Tips to stay motivated for weight loss

5 Tips to stay motivated for weight loss. Something that drives you to keep on going even if your mind and body tells you to stop, motivation. Motivation is what got all of us started but it can be hard to maintain.

So how do you stay motivated even after years of training or dieting? Here are some tips!

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#1 Keep your goal in mind

This sounds to easy to be true but it works. Want to stop? Remind yourself why you started. Writing down your goals is also a great way to keep yourself accountable.

Write your goals down somewhere you see them all the time. Even hang it above your bed if you need to. But make sure you can see it to remind yourself.

#2 Follow a routine

Routines help you to take out all the guesswork and can boost your consistency. There can be one thing that messes up all the benefits of a routine.

That is when you don’t actually enjoy what you do. Having a routine means doing things every day the same way to make it easier on yourself and this is great. But when you don’t like your routine or even just one thing, you will look up to it the entire day.

So find things that you love. And yes this may take some time and can feel like you never going to find your perfect routine but trust me it is worth it.

When you find your perfect routine, something that makes you excited to get out of bed will boost your results like crazy.

#3 Don’t rely on the scale

The scale is an easy and great way to follow your progress, but it is super easy to have fluctuations without any specific reason.  Following your plan all day but still gaining weight according to the scale can feel like a big set back.

Make some progress pictures and feel how your clothes fit. The scale might not improve but if these other things do you are still making progress!

#4 Slow and steady

You heard it a million times by now but that does not make it any less true. Slow and steady will win the race.

Crash diets may sound like the perfect solution. Diet for a few days or weeks and lose a lot of pounds.

But this is mostly water weight and not fat. When you are in a calorie deficit your body will start to use fat for energy. So take your time and keep track because you can do it!

#5 Don’t be so hard on yourself

The last one but still one of the most important ones, don’t be so damn hard on yourself. Did you mess up on your diet yesterday? So, today is a new day and you are going to crush it.

Couldn’t you get yourself to the gym? Well, today there is a new opportunity. Being hard on yourself or having an all or nothing mindset can mess with your progress and make you really unhappy. Believe in yourself!

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