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My birthday

For the first time in my live I wasn’t home when it was my birthday. Nothing to complain about because it was one of the most beautiful days we had during our stay. It was a birthday filled with donuts, presents and pizza. My breakfast consisted of a bowl of yogurt with fruit and some whey protein powder and a donut.

Most of the day we spent relaxing at the pool or the beach. Reading books and listening to music is one of the best ways to spent your birthday when you are on holiday. For dinner we went to a place called Julies & Valeri’s. One of my favorite foods in the entire world is pizza quattro formaggi, so that’s what I ordered of course. I definitely enjoyed the pizza but had better ones as well. I wouldn’t recommend this place if you are only going for pizzas.

After seeing a lot of the beautiful places in Nerja we decided to explore other cities. We had a map with some car routes going along different cities. The mountains were crazy beautiful and a bit dangerous to drive around on. All the different cities were filled with small bars and dinner places that looked amazing.

The sixth day

The day after my birthday we decided to have a lazy day. In the morning I went for an hour long walk in the mountains. While my mom was relaxing at the pool and my step dad went of to the beach. After my breakfast (at 12:30 pm because intermittent fasting) I joined my mom at the pool. It was a nice relaxing day with some home made dinner to end it. I ate some quinoa, veggie mix and leftover turkey burgers.


After a few days we went on another road trip, and ended up in Granada. Granada is a beautiful city with some interesting places to visit. We went there with the intention to visit Alhambra, a medieval fortress. After standing in line for an hour, we heart that it would take at least another 2 hours of waiting to get in. That  was not what we were expecting and decided to leave. So when you ever go to Alhambra, get your tickets before online.

We did walk around the fortress for a while and it was stunning. Because we were out earlier then expected we went to the city center of Granada. It’s a city with a lot of cute restaurants and beautiful architecture.

At night we ended up in the city of Nerja again. Online we had heard of a restaurant called Little Italy. We found the restaurant and there was one spot left. This was an amazing place for pasta and pizzas for an incredible low price. I went for the pizza quattro formaggi and that was amazing. When in Nerja definitely check this place out!