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Spain the country known for the bullfighting, castanets, paella and the beautiful mountain ranges. Nerja is a municipality in the province of Malaga. With 22 thousand residents the city lives mostly of tourism around summertime. About two weeks I spent in this beautiful city together with my mom and step-dad. 
Our arrival 
The flight to Malaga was a flight with a lot of delays and required a lot of patience. When we were seated finally in the plane we didn’t take of for another hour. Because some guy felt the need to go to the bathroom when we were about to take of. When the crew asked him to sit in his seat he threatened them and we had to go back to the airport. The man was removed by the police and we could continue our flight.
The first day we arrived all of us were drained from the travel and skipping a night of sleep, we arrived around 9 pm local time. Knowing that we were all tired, the decision was made to hit up the nearest grocery store for some dinner and then call it a night, the supermercado was the nearest open grocery store.
I always love grocery shopping abroad, I was very happy to see that there were some tasty healthy options for my first day. I went with some veggies, potatoes and turkey burgers (something we don’t have at home). This was the first time in my live that I tried some turkey burgers. I liked them a lot and ate them almost every time we ate at home.
The second day we witnessed Virgen del Carmen. This is a religious happening in multiple places in Spain. To be honest we actually went to the city centre to grab some dinner, after seeing the amounts of people that were in the street we realized something was going on. We knew it was a holiday in Spain but assumed the most important things had already happened in the morning.
We saw Carmen being carried to the see were a lot of little boats were waiting to see the spectacle. After this we went to get some dinner at the Bamboo bar. There was some fireworks over the see because of Carmen. At the Bamboo bar I had some garlic bread and chicken curry, both which I highly recommend.
The third day
The third day of our trip we decided to explore the city of Nerja. We had a few things listed that we would love to see: the balcony of Europe, the museum of Nerja and the caves. We managed too see two of the tree that day. The balcony of Europe has an absolutely stunning view and is something you have to see when you are in the area. In the area you find a lot of restaurants and bars were you can sit down relax and enjoy some good food.
Not to far away from the balcony is the museum of Nejra. This is an amazing museum if you don’t want to spend you entire day inside. After 45 minutes we were already outside. It didn’t take to long but you still got the feeling you know a bit more about the place you are staying. On Mondays EU citizens can entire for free.
At night we decided to stay in for dinner and have a BBQ. With all the goods that you can find in the supermarkets of Nerja. There were a lot of low fat high protein options that I could find, so I was really happy. When in Spain you really have to try tortilla’s they are potato and egg omelets. Doesn’t sound that appealing but they taste amazing!