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How to get trought the holidays on a diet

It’s holiday season, whatever you celebrate I hope you’re going to have a great time! It’s a time filled with good food, good people and just celebrating life.

But when you are on a diet, it might be something you are not looking forward to.  How are you going to say no to all the good foods you’re going to encounter?

Here are some tips to survive the holidays while on a diet!

  1. Start slowly

You don’t have to start the day with the most insane breakfast, most people celebrate together at night with a great dinner. Try to save some calories for that. Maybe intermittent fasting is something you want to use to make sure you have enough calories left for the night.

Drink a bottle of water before you go and sit at the dinner table this will fill your stomach up for zero calories!

If you can stick to just dinner feasts. Indulging all day in the amazing foods sounds amazing but the calories will add up. Only sticking to dinner indulgent still allows you to enjoy the holidays with minimum damage to your diet.

2. Focus on people, not the food

The holidays are a time where family and friends come together to enjoy and celebrate. Focus on that, it is easy to get fixated on the food. Obsessive thoughts about foods can really mess up your holidays. Focus on your family and friends talk with them and just enjoy.

Take this as a little time off, you don’t have to be perfect all year around. Have some good food, enjoy time with good people and get back to your plan afterward.

3. Portion control

Portion control is probably the best way to let go a little but minimize the fat gain during the holidays. You can still eat a little of everything but as long as you stick to one slice of pie instead of half of the pie you’ll be fine.

Stop eating when you feel full. For some, this may sound obvious and for some of us, this is really hard. When we let go we want to enjoy all the food right?

This can easily turn into a binge, which will mess up a lot of your progress. Drink enough water or zero calories drinks to fill your stomach up even more!

4. Move around

Go for a walk after dinner! Hit up the gym the next morning. Use the calories you consumed for something good, maybe your next deadlift pr or your first 5k run. Don’t see all those calories as something bad, try to turn it into something positive.

This will also change your mindset during your holiday dinner. Before you have your holiday foods, think of all the positive things that will come from it. Even write it down if you need to, this will change your entire attitude when it comes to the food!

5. Let go a little

Holidays are a time created to enjoy and celebrate life. So go and do that! Let go of all the thoughts about your diet or going to the gym. A few days of letting go won’t screw up months or years of progress.

Enjoy and live in the moment, having a perfect diet isn’t everything. Live your life and don’t let a few days of enjoyment mess with your mind too much.\