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5 Surprising reasons why you gained weight overnight

5 Surprising reasons why you gained weight overnight

5 surprising reasons why you gained weight overnight. Oh no, the scale has gone up and you have gained some fat overnight.

Where did it go wrong? Did I really add a few pounds of fat in a night?!

There are so many reasons the scale gives you a higher number than the day before and it is nothing to worry about. Here are the most common reasons why you gained weight and what to do about it!

#1 You are constipated

Something you might not immediately think about when you gained weight. But have you gone to the bathroom yet? If not so you may have found your reason for sudden weight gain.

Nothing to worry about just go to the bathroom and try to do this before your weigh in. If you are constipated try to add more fiber to your diet. If this does not work you may want to go to your doctor.

#2 It is that time of the month

Have you checked your calendar yet? Because it may be that time of the month. Just before getting your period the female sex hormone peaks and this can make your body hold onto fluid.

Around have your cycle there is another hormone that kicks in, progesterone. This can also lead to water retention. There is nothing you can really do about this, except just to sit it out.

#3 You are stressed

Probably one of the most annoying ways to gain a few pounds on the scale is stress. When you are already stressed out about something.

The last thing you want to add to the pile of things. When you have a lot of stress the hormone cortisol rises in your body.

This has a few negative effects on your body. Like you have higher insulin levels and your blood sugar drops. Because of this, you will start to crave fatty, highly processed foods.

I know it can be hard but try to relax. Make a conscious effort to go for a 10-minute walk every day to clear your head. This can be walking to your work, the grocery store or with your dog.

There are other effective ways that can make you less stressed you like yoga or fitness. Try what works for you!

#4 You are sleep deprived 

When you are very tired it becomes way harder to resist temptation. At work you want to go for some coffee and see some donuts lying around, one won’t hurt, right?

Later that day you skip the gym because you fell asleep on the couch.

Now you have no time to cook and so you pick something up at your favorite fast food restaurant. Because of that big nap, your schedule is messed up and you can’t sleep at night.

This brings you in a vicious circle.

So how do you fix this? First of if you are suffering from really bad insomnia you need to go to your doctor.

But there can be other small things that will help you fall asleep at night. Like skipping caffeine after 6 pm. This can make a major difference in the way you fall asleep. Medication can also be a reason to consult your doctor!

#5 You ate differently

You ate something different, not necessarily something bad but different. This could have been higher sodium, this makes your body retain water and may bloat you up.

Or something higher in carbohydrates, these are stored as glycogen in the muscle and cause a higher weigh in.

The last thing is that you may drink more water than usual or later. Forget to drink your water and downed most of it in the night? This is probably the reason for your weight gain.

So do not worry if the scale has gone up. Give it a day or two to get back to normal. Don’t stress it too much or you might wake up your cortisol hormone.

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