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5 Easy tips to stop hunger while dieting

5 Easy tips to stop hunger while dieting. Being hungry while dieting is the absolute worst, you get annoyed by anything.

So you want to stop hunger while dieting, this will make it a lot easier on you!

Your mind is constantly thinking about food and it increases your chances of binging. So how can you solve this problem? Here are some easy ways to eliminate hunger while dieting!

When you start a weight loss diet you put your body in a calorie deficit, meaning that you consume fewer calories than you burn (1). Your body does not have enough energy from food, so it has to find it in other places.

Your body fat gets used for this, it gets broken down into energy to make up for the deficit that you created (2).

Now it may sound like you have to create a huge deficit in order to burn a lot of fat, but a deficit around 200 calories will do just fine.

Creating a bigger deficit can cause even more hunger, weight loss plateaus, cravings and decreased energy levels.

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Before I start with the tips on how to kill your hunger when dieting, I’d like to get a bit into the hunger experience first. What is it exactly and why do we feel it?

Hunger is the physiological need to eat food. The opposite of this is called satiety, the feeling of being full.

People often don’t realize that well-nourished individuals can survive for weeks without actually eating food. Some people claim that you can even survive up to 10 weeks. Now, of course, I don’t recommend this.

But if we can survive for that long, why do we get hungry every single day. And sometimes multiple times a day?

Stop hunger while dieting

Appetite is the desire to eat food. There are multiple reasons why your appetite arises.

AFter 12 till 24 hours after eating your last meal you can experience hunger pangs, these are the contractions that occur in your stomach.

The level of your hunger is also increased by low blood sugar levels. These hunger contractions are most intense in young and healthy people, but they never really disappear.

Hunger tends to increase the activity level and movements in animals, this is also seen in humans.

Food cravings are different from general hunger, this is the intense desire to consume a specific food.

1. Water to kill hunger while dieting

When dieting water should be your best friend, it contains zero calories, is really healthy and can fill up your stomach. When we feel hungry most of the time we are just dehydrated.

So increase your water intake to fight this hunger feeling when dieting!

It can also help you consume fewer calories when you drink a big glass of water before your meal (3). This fills up your stomach and leaves less space for the meal you are going to eat afterward.

When you feel hungry drink a big glass of water and wait for about 15-20 minutes. Often you’ll find that the hunger has gone away.

But when you are still having this feeling you are really hungry and then you might want to eat something.

2. Skip the ‘junk’ foods

This might sound like one of the most obvious things to do when starting a diet. But really focusing on this and consuming more whole foods can make such a big difference.

I say ‘junk’ foods because I don’t really like this term, I use it because we all know what I mean by this. I prefer to call them less nutritious. And these should be avoided when dieting for best results.

These highly processed foods are usually very high in calories but don’t leave you very satiated, it’s really easy to eat a lot of these foods without feeling full (4).

Whole foods contain fiber, minerals, and vitamins. All things your body needs to feel full and to function properly. With whole foods I mean fruits, veggies, lean meats and fish and whole grains.

These foods are usually lower in calories but high in volume. This is another great way to stay satiated (5).

3. Increase food volume

To make sure you are still feeling satiated after consuming a meal food volume is really important (6). This can all be influenced by the food choices you make. The more you eat the fuller you are likely to be.

But with increasing food volume it is possible to increase calorie intake as well, so be careful with that.

An easy way to increase your volume is by adding a salad or some fruit with every meal. Since these are so low in calories they are not very likely to put you in a calorie surplus!

4. Get some more protein!

Protein is awesome, it helps you build muscle, boosts your immune system and keeps your body fluids in balance. But it is also very satiating (7). Consuming a high protein meal or a high carb meal can make a big difference in levels of satiation, even when calories are the same!

Some people find it hard to increase their protein intake if you got problems with this you can check out this article. Try to stick to leaner protein sources to make sure you are still in a calorie deficit.

5. Keep your mind off food

When dieting it is easy to get a little food obsessed, constantly thinking about the next meal, what you can (or can’t eat) and that kind of stuff.

This can really increase your chances of screwing up.

Try to get your mind of off food by staying busy (8). Try to find a new hobby or an activity that you enjoy. Learn how to play an instrument or how to speak a new language.

You can also go for a walk or bike ride. This even kills two birds with one stone. You get your mind away from food and you are burning more calories than you would otherwise.

If you really can’t get your focus anywhere else it might be because you are actually too hungry. When this happens it gets really hard to concentrate and you can get ‘hangry’.


Putting your body in a calorie deficit will lead to hunger eventually. Luckily there are some ways to minimize this but there is no way to eliminate hunger completely.

And this is totally normal, it would be weird if our bodies would be totally okay with being in a constant deficit.

The optimal way to lose weight is to find a way that you can enjoy and sustain. On paper, this might not be the optimal way.

What I mean with this is that, yes, it is better to hit the gym consistently. But if you only can make it two days and enjoy that, it is better than not going at all.

Often people stick to an all or nothing mindset when it comes to dieting, when you do this little things, like hunger, can really set you back.

So focus on these tips to kill hunger while creating a diet and lifestyle that you can maintain and actually enjoy!

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