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Sleep and weight loss – Why sleep is incredibly important for fat loss

Sleep and weight loss – Why sleep is incredibly important for fat loss. Sleep is super important for us, and anyone who has skipped out on a night of sleep knows how shitty we feel when we don’t get enough sleep.

Getting sufficient sleep is important for many reasons like the well being of our body, but in this post, I am focusing on the benefits of sufficient sleep for weight loss!


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Sleep and weight loss

Sleep plays an important role in growth maturation and health of children and adolescents.

I’m going to get the first most obvious reason out of the way, and then I’ll go on with the more scientific reasons why sleep is important for weight loss.

Probably the most obvious reason is that when you sleep, you can’t eat. So when you use an approach like intermittent fasting, your 8 hours of sleep help contribute to your fasting period.

Another reason why sleep is important when you want to lose some weight is that there is a consistently associated link with current and future obesity and short sleep duration in children (1).

It is independently associated with weight gain. So when you are gaining weight without any reason you might need to look at your sleep schedule.

Sleep is so closely correlated with weight, a single night of sleep deprivation can increase the feelings of hunger in normal-weight men (2). The reason behind this is that sleep deprivation increases something called ghrelin.

Ghrelin is a growth hormone that increases your hunger feeling. This is the only known of hormone that increases your appetite. Not only does it increase ghrelin, it also decreases leptin. When you have low leptin you won’t get as satiated from eating as normal (3).

But there have also been studies that show a correlation between sleep deprivation and weight gain with women. The women who slept 5 hours or less gained more than a kg of body weight in comparison with 7+ hours sleeping women.

This data also suggest that short sleep is associated with an increase in future weight and incident obesity (4).


Sleep does not only have a huge effect on weight loss. When you are trying to build some muscle at the same time it becomes even more important.

A study showed that being sleep deprived for 3 days in a row can affect your deadlift, leg press, and bench press.

It did not have any real effect on the bicep curl. For the first two nights of sleep deprivation, sub-maximal lifting is more affected by the sleep loss tan maximal effort training (5).

Increase your sleep duration

So the pretty obvious conclusion is that increasing your sleep duration is a great way to help your weight loss.

Try to get around 8 hours of sleep when possible. This isn’t always possible but when you can, you should try to get it.

If you think there might be another reason you are not losing weight, maybe the reason is listed in this post.