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Easy tips to stop stomach bloating

Don’t you hate it when you feel like you just swallowed an entire water melon? Well stomach bloating, or as some call it a ‘food baby’, is a common feeling that most of us experience at some point in their lifes.

There are millions of reasons why this happens and most of them are not harmfull at all! Want to know more about stomach bloating? Keep on reading!

In this post, we will cover everything about bloating; the meaning of bloating, the causes and how to get rid of a bloated stomach!

Stomach Bloating

Here is just a real quick explanation about bloating so we all are on the same page about the definition.

Bloating is the state of your stomach being swollen after you ate some food (1). It is the feeling of increased pressure within your abdominal area.

There can be different causes why you are bloated, some are more serious than others. When you feel like something is really off don’t hesitate to contact your doctor.

Causes of stomach bloating

So now we know what bloating is, we are going to look at the causes. There are roughly three major causes of bloating that are most common: overeating, eating fatty foods or eating too fast.

These reasons all come from what or how you eat, not from a medical disorder.

Intolerances and stomach bloating

But also certain food types can cause bloating. Maybe you have a food intolerance like gluten, dairy or soja. Take them out (one by one) for a week and see if your bloating reduces.

If you notice a big difference when you cut out for example gluten, you might be intolerant. Don’t cut out all of these foods at the same time because you won’t find the specific food group this way.

Salt intake and bloating

Your salt intake also plays a role in bloating. Eating a lot of salt can cause you to retain water and give you that bloated feeling and look.

This will go over in a few days, so just give it some time. When this happens a lot it is smart to look at the salt content of the foods you consume.

Sleep and stress in relationship to bloating

There are some causes of bloating that you might not expect to play a role. Like sleep and stress. Lack of sleep is bad for us in many ways, but it also influences our level of bloating.

When we don’t get enough sleep we release a hormone called cortisol, this disturbs our digestive system and causes bloating and constipation.

That time of the month

Another thing that can leave you bloated like a watermelon is your menstrual cycle.

Your menstrual cycle has a big influence not only on bloating but a lot of different stuff like your training and nutrition.

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Solutions for stomach bloating

Now you know that there are many different things that can cause bloating. This sucks because of more causes the higher the chance it will actually happen.

To avoid bloating for yourself you can look at these causes and see which apply to you.

Make sure you don’t freak out when bloating just happens once, there is really nothing wrong with that.

The only thing is that it really sucks.

Only when it is a problem that you experience more frequent you need to start taking steps in order to solve this.

reasons why you are not losing weight

Did you go out for dinner last night? Your salt intake was maybe way higher than normal. Have a stressful week at work? Your cortisol levels might be off.

If you have the feeling that you are intolerant of some food, cut them out for a week and see what happens.

You can also get tested to be a 100% sure if you are intolerant.

You can also get yourself checked by a professional, but these tests are often expensive. If you don’t have or want to spend money on it you can try to eliminate the food and see the results.

When you feel like none of these causes apply to you it might be time to contact your doctor.

He can look if you may have a medical reason that you are bloated.

It is better to be sure and let him check then walk around with it and let it get worse.