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PlantWarrior Protein Review and Discount Code!

PlantWarrior Protein review and discount code!

PlantWarrior Protein review and discount code! Since I started my fitness journey a few years ago I tried a lot of different protein powders, some good some less good…

It is hard to judge a protein powder by the look of it, some look amazing and fancy but taste the exact opposite and some look like trash but taste amazing.

PlanWarrior Protein Review

I am going, to be honest normally I go for whey protein isolate because, in my opinion, it is the best value for my money. However, when PlantWarrior send me a message asking if I’d like to try their vegan protein, I was curious and said yes.

Not only had I never had a vegan protein before, and not only that their message also really spoke to me.

For every bag of protein they sell, they plant a tree to fight deforestation.

Trees for the environment

Having a protein powder that is vegan has numerous benefits. However, there is one other really cool thing about PlantWarrior.

Consuming vegan protein instead of whey protein is already better for the environment, but PlantWarrior goes a step further.

For every bag of protein that they sell, they will plant a tree to fight deforestation!

PlantWarrior Vegan Protein

The awesome thing about this protein is that is almost suitable for everyone! It is vegan, gluten-free, and has all natural products. So whatever diet you follow it fits in there!

The protein is chocolate flavored and is not too sweet, I’ve added it to my oats and yogurt and it gives a great subtle chocolate flavor.

Because it is not that sweet as most proteins, it is easier to combine and add to your meal without it taking over. That is why I was pleasantly surprised.

I normally don’t go for chocolate flavored proteins, because often the flavor is too powerful and sweet.

The protein is easy to mix with water, milk, and yogurt. Something that you don’t always have when it comes to vegan protein.

Discount code

The people of Plantwarrior were so nice to set me up with a discount code so you guys can try their protein with a 10% discount!

You can click this link or use the promo: Amber10 to get the discount!

The benefits of protein

Protein is something that you don’t have to supplement, but it can be easier and cost effective.

Eating a high protein diet can help with a lot of things as long as it comes from the right sources.

You can add more muscle, be less hungry and stop craving unhealthy foods!

But for some people, it can be hard to get in enough protein because they don’t like the sources or maybe because they follow a diet that restricts foods from animals.

When this is the case it is a smart idea to supplement it with protein powder.


After trying this protein powder and using it for more than a week now I am really surprised and happy that I found it.

The taste is great, and luckily not too overpoweringly sweet. And next to that it is a good option for everyone, no matter what diet you want to follow.

If these things were not enough reason to give PlantWarrior a try, you also know with every bag you purchase. You help fight deforestation.

If you’d like to check them out, you can click here!