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Can I ask you something?

Are you done with seeing absolutely no results?

Do you see so much information online that you don’t know what to believe or do anymore?

Are you done with paying coaches that give you programs without any results?

Do you want to stop wasting hours doing cardio and start seeing real results?

Yes? Then I’d like to keep your attention a little longer!

Do you want to become confident in your own skin?

Do you want to be able to eat out and still achieve your goals?

Do you want to be sure you’re spending your time and effort as effectively as possible?

And the most important thing: 

Do you want to be able to enjoy your life, while becoming the strongest, healthiest and most confident version of yourself?

Then it is time to start making the right decisions! With online coaching from FitnessFT, you’ll start to see real results that you are looking for!

Boost your Fitness

Online coaching will help you with your fitness and nutrition. The plans make sure you get the best out of your training.

Always in contact

We are always in contact! You can send me a message any time you want and I get back to you ASAP!


Take your plans every where! The online coaching software is available on your phone and laptop!

What do I offer you?

  • Flexibility,
    • This is the key to have a lifestyle that is sustainable but still will get you towards your goals. I understand that not every week is the same. We are always in contact and make adjustments daily when necessary. All so that you can live your life while getting your dream body!
  • Workout plan,
    • You receive a workout plan based on your goals, experience, and preferences.
  • Nutritional freedom,
    • There is no need to follow the same diet plan every single day. I help you with an approach called IIFYM, this allows you to eat what you want while still getting the results you are looking for!
  • Messaging,
    • You can always send me messages, whether they are questions, updates or situations you are dealing with. Communication is key when it comes to good coaching.

Click here if you are ready to start!

Great online coach that really takes the time and effort to make a personal plan. I've made so much progress since I started!
Coaching client