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Lo-Dough review and discount code! (Updated)

Lo-Dough review (and discount code!)

Lo-Dough review (and discount code!). I am a sucker for interesting products, especially those related to weight loss or protein.

You probably recognize this the amazing smell of freshly baked bread, pasta, pizza or anything that is made of dough really.

But when you are dieting you have to be strong and resist those temptations, right?

However, this restriction almost messed with my weight loss. Over time it gets really hard to resist, and you are bound to give in. This sounds probably familiar to a lot of you.

Well, Lo-Dough promises to make a product similar to dough that you can easily fit in your weight loss diet! Therefore, I had to try it out, and write this Lo-Dough review.

So, when I came across Lo-Dough on Instagram I was immediately intrigued. They promise the lowest calorie bread & pastry alternative ever created.

Everyone who has ever tried to diet probably remembers the cravings for pasta, pizza, and bread, actually anything that contains carbs.

Making products that allow you to eat these foods while still making a diet easy, sounds very promising.

If you are only here for the discount code, it is AMBER10. And you can click the link here to go to their website immediately.


That is why I send the people from Lo-Dough a message asking if I could review their product, not long after that I received 6 pieces of their dough to try out.

That is why I wrote this Lo-Dough review!

The nutritional facts of one piece of dough are mindblowing. 39 calories, 2.5 grams of protein, 9 grams of fiber, and not even 1 gram of fat.

When I saw this, I honestly thought that it couldn’t be good.

Nevertheless, all the recipes and pictures I saw on their Instagram were looking extremely good. From pizzas and kebabs to french toast and brownies.

It was not only a product that could fit easily in your macros, but it could also be used for any meal of the day!

Lo-Dough review

Probably the most important thing does it actually taste like dough?

When I opened the package I did not know what to expect. But I am going, to be honest, I did not expect it to taste, smell or even feel like dough.

Because I am realistic, something that is that low in calories and macros, can’t be good.

Therefore, I was incredibly surprised when I opened the first package. The dough actually smelled like dough.

It also had a really soft texture that somewhat reminded me of white bread.

There are two pieces of dough in one plastic package and they are divided into some pieces of paper.

You can just use one and save the other for later, as long as you close the package well again.

Taste of Lo-Dough

As I mentioned earlier, I did not expect it to taste anything like ‘real’ dough. But the smell got me thinking that I might be wrong.

And yes, I was wrong. Because for those macros and calories, it was the best thing I ever tasted. The structure even felt like normal dough.

It does not have a really strong flavor so I would definitely advise adding some flavorful products to it. The website also mentioned that they did this on purpose.

To make sure you can use it in any recipe and to keep it as low-calorie as possible.

You don’t need to add a lot of sauce or add-ons to make it taste good. Just simply adding a slice of ham or some jelly can make a great sandwich.

Right now I have 4 pieces left and can’t wait to see what crazy things you can make from it. I was incredibly shocked by the smell and taste of this product.

By now I have made a savory and sweet recipe with it, and the dough can definitely be used for both. I made on with a burger and one with a chocolate sludge.

The sweet option might have been my favorite. But the dough is extremely versatile and I can’t wait to try out some different recipes with it!

Weight loss and Lo-Dough

Replacing your normal products that contain dough with Lo-Dough can really help you with weight loss.

But you should know that it is not because Lo-Dough is inherently making you lose fat. Or on the flip side, that dough is not inherently fattening either.

You can lose fat easily with Lo-Dough because it is low calorie. By switching a high-calorie product for a low-calorie product it is easier to get into a calorie deficit.

It is still the calorie deficit that will make you lose fat, but Lo-Dough is a great alternative to allow you to still eat your favorite foods when dieting!

Only be aware of the salt content, that is relatively high. That is not a problem, but if you are not used to this it can make you retain a bit of water.

That way it might seem that you are gaining weight (water weight), but there is nothing to worry about. Your body will drop this just as fast as it retained it!

Dieting with Lo-Dough

Don’t worry if you follow a diet that requires you to avoid certain food groups or macros. This dough is paleo friendly, low fat, suitable for vegetarians and does not contain nuts or soy. 

Next, to that, it is also incredibly low carb, with only 2.2 grams per piece of dough.

There are many different diet and food intolerances out there so make sure you check their website to be 100% sure you can eat it or fit it into your diet.

In this Lo-Dough review, I am not going to go in-depth about weight loss, but if you want you can check this blog post that will teach you all about it!

Preparing Lo-Dough

You understand that Lo-Dough has different ingredients than normal dough. Therefore, you should also prepare it differently.

There is no need to prepare it since it can be eaten straight out of the packet. But if you do want to heat it up you need to be aware

You can change the texture by putting it in a frying pan over medium to high heat.

Do not put it under the grill or in a toaster, since it is different from normal dough it can’t stand this.

Because it is really light, airy and does not behave like normal dough it can burn really quickly.


Lo-Dough is a great alternative for normal dough for many reasons, the taste is good, it has incredible nutrition facts and fits into almost any diet.

I was pleasantly surprised by everything, taste, smell, and texture.

If you’d like to check them out you can use this link. And use my discount code AMBER10 to get 10% off!

So, let me know have you, or are you going to try Lo-Dough? If you have let me know your thoughts about it!

Don’t forget to share with your friends, so they can benefit from this discount code as well!.

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Soon I will be adding a review of the brownie mix by Lo-Dough as well!