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4 Simple ways to minimize your food waste (and save money)

4 Ways to minimize your food waste (and save money)

4 Ways to minimize your food waste (and save money). Food waste is a big problem in this world. Most of us are throwing away food, while there are people starving.

Now I’m not here to give you a shitty feeling for doing this, but I do want to make you aware of this fact. In America alone, we waste about 554 billion dollars worth of food. (1)

This is not only unfair to the people that don’t have access to (enough) food, it is also bad for our world. It has a huge impact on our carbon footprint. Wasting food means you are wasting water as well.

Watching your food waste will also save you some money! So how can you make sure you are not (or as little as possible) contributing to this problem?

Grocery lists

Grocery lists are a not only a great way to plan your meals for the week, they can also cut down your food waste. As long as you stick to them of course.

Only write down what you really need for the week, and don’t get tempted by special offers or new products. When you stick to your list you are also sure you’re not taking in any tempting foods that will mess with your diet!

So buy what you need and plan beforehand to avoid impulse buying and food waste.

Store food properly

Storing your food right can make a huge impact on their expiry date. When you come back from the supermarket store your foods FIFO, first in first out, move older products to the front and newer foods to the back.

Know what belongs in the fridge and what doesn’t. Just a quick search online and you know where to best store the foods you bought.

For example, apples can be stored in a fruit bowl but will stay fresh for longer when in the fridge. This goes for your freezer as well.

Don’t listen to expiration dates

This may sound weird but these dates are definitely not always right. They are suggestions for the peak quality made by the manufacturers. It doesn’t mean that it is unsafe to consume after this date.

Especially when it comes to canned or dry foods. But always use your senses, if a product smells, looks or tastes funny it is over the date and should be thrown away!


Have a weekly leftover day! A day where you consume leftovers and foods that are left. Throw it together on a sandwich, make a creative dinner or just snack on some foods that are leftover.

Using all of the products when cooking is also a great way to reduce waste. Small things like leaving the skin on cucumbers and potatoes go a long way.


Sign up for a weekly food program or meal plan that will send you all the foods you need, without any waste! This can be a bit of an expensive option so it might not be for everyone but it is a great way to make sure you’re not wasting any food.

There are other bonuses to this as well like not having to think about what you are going to eat for dinner or having to go to the grocery store!

If you choose the right company you’ll get healthy and fresh products delivered to your door, without having to do anything for it!

For the Dutchies here I’d advise Marley Spoon a meal box specifically designed to be healthy, stop food waste and easy to make! If you’re interested you can click the picture below.