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How to make your own weight loss grocery list

So you decided to start losing weight and you are totally prepared, you got your plan right in front of you. 1800 kcal, X carbs, X fats and X protein. But how are you going to fill these calories up?

Which foods are going to help you reach your goal and which will make it harder? Here are some tips how you can set up your grocery list to help you achieve your goals!

Tip #1 Fruits & Veggies

Start off with the fruits and veggies. Make sure your list is packed with low-calorie fruits and veggies that you like.

But know that there are no real ‘wrong’ options here, you might have heard that fruits make you fat since they contain carbohydrates but they are always packed with nutrients and relatively low-calorie!

There are so many benefits of eating fruits and veggies, they contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals. All things your body needs to function most optimally!

What should you throw in your cart? The stuff that you should always take with you is low-calorie vegetables like spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, and cauliflower. These will fill you up for very little calories.

Peppers and onions are great options to flavor almost any meal. And don’t forget to take some fruits that are easy to take with you as a snack. Like apples, pears, and bananas.

Tip 2 lean protein

The next thing that should always be on your list is lean protein sources. Protein has many benefits if you’d like to learn more about that click here. Protein leaves you satisfied and makes sure you maintain as much muscle mass as possible while dieting!

The leaner the option, the less fat you’ll take in. Fat contains a lot of calories so while dieting it can be a great idea to watch this.

There can be a huge calorie difference between chicken breast or chicken thighs. There are also great options for the vegetarians and vegans out there!

Great options are chicken breast, turkey, tuna, low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese, egg whites, and whey protein powder (vegan).

Tip 3 Carbs that will fill you up 

Carbs have a bad reputation, but they won’t make you fat. Not even when you consume them after 8 pm, this is a myth. Carbs are the main energy source of our bodies and super important for a healthy and balanced diet if you’d like to learn more about carbs click here.

But when it comes to carbs it is important to find the ‘right’ ones. The whole wheat options contain more fiber and therefore leave you more satisfied.

Sugars are carbohydrates as well, but a hand full of wine gums won’t leave you satisfied or give you the nutrition like potatoes do. That’s the reason why the choice of carbs is very important.

Great options here are (sweet) potatoes, brown rice. whole wheat pasta and bread, oats, bulgur, and quinoa.

Tip 4 The healthy fats

Fats also got a bad reputation over the years. They would be just as fattening as carbs would be, but this isn’t true they will only make you gain fat when they put you in a calorie surplus if you want to know more about this click here.

There are different types of fats and some are proven to have more health benefits than others. Although the science can be a bit inconsistent at some times, trans fats have never been proven to have any positive health benefits at all.

That’s why you should eliminate them from your diet when possible.

Foods that are high in fat are high in calories as well. Since fat contains 9 kcal per gram in comparison to the 4 kcal for protein and carbs. So your fat portions need to be smaller in order to stay in your calorie deficit.

Great options here are olive oil, fatty fish, peanut butter, avocado’s, Olive’s and dark chocolate (70% and higher).

Step 5 Your cheats 🙂

Yes, I’m telling you to buy yourself some cheats. But there are some things to keep in mind here. Don’t buy the stuff that you really can’t keep your hands of. So keep real trigger foods out of your house.

This can easily screw up your diet. But when you buy the stuff that you love in pre-packed portions you’ll be a lot less likely to end up binging. These can serve as a nice diet break without messing with your progress.