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5 Tips to get through a weight loss plateau

5 Tips to get through a weight loss plateau

5 Tips to get through a weight loss plateau.  This post can be seen as a part two of a post I published earlier called reasons why you are not losing weight.

So what I want you to do is first find out why you are not losing weight anymore.

This post will give you the ‘solution’ to the problem. But because there are so many reasons why weight loss may have plateaued there is a different solution for all of these reasons.

So one might work better for you than the other.

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  1. Calorie intake for fat loss

One of the biggest reasons people hit a weight loss plateau is because their calorie intake is too high. The number of calories you burn is determined by many factors, including your weight.

So when your weight goes down, your calorie needs go down as well. So you need to adjust your deficit after some time.

The less you weigh the fewer calories your body actually requires. Try to reduce your intake with 100-200 calories to fix this.

But always make sure you stay above 1200 calories a day, This is the minimum to stay healthy.

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This is great for when you need to take a look at your diet again or if you have no clue where to start!

2. Cheat for fat loss!

This may sound counter-intuitive but a cheat meal or diet break can really help you to get through a plateau. Preferably a high carb meal.

When dieting your body is not getting enough energy in, so it will do anything to spare its energy output.

Eating a high-carb meal will give you the energy again to get these processes fired up again!

3. Reduce your salt intake

It is possible that the scale isn’t going down because of different reasons than stalled weight loss. Maybe you are retaining a lot of water, this can be because you consume sodium-rich foods.

These are often processed or take out foods you consume. Water and salt really like to stick together, so the more salt you eat the more water you’ll hold.

The best way to cut back on salt is to cut back on the highly processed foods. Or the salt you add to your meals.

Don’t cut out all the salt from your diet. We still need a little bit of it to live, but don’t overdo it. We need salt for our fluid balance and muscle and nerve function. So it is pretty darn important! (1)

4. Burn  more calories

This one ties in with number 1. Maybe you are consuming maintenance calories right now, but adjusting your diet to even fewer calories seems impossible.

This is a very common situation and there is a solution for this.

Move more. There are a million ways you can start moving more, find a fit friend, start lifting or lift heavier weights, pick up a new sport or try HIIT.

These are all ways to up your energy output, if your intake stays the same you’ll be in a bigger deficit and weight loss should start again!

You don’t have to do sports or strength training to burn more calories. You can make small adjustments in your day-to-day life that can make a huge impact.

For example walk up the stair instead of taking the escalator, walk to your work, friends house, school or wherever or borrow someone’s dog and take a big walk every week.

It doesn’t have to be hours of cardio find something you enjoy!

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