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Easy ways to eat healthier

It can seem like such a huge change, starting to eat healthily. You feel like you have to throw away all your old habits and start doing something completely different.

The idea that it is such a big change is something that holds a lot of people back, but luckily this doesn’t have to be the case!

Here are some tips for you to make eating healthier a lot easier on yourself. And remember small things can have a great impact!


Plan your meals in advance. 

Know what you are going to eat for dinner. Maybe a chicken and veggie stir-fry or some oven roasted sweet potato and veggies?

There are so many flavorful dinner options out there that are healthy! Planning in advance takes away the possibility of getting a pizza or going out for dinner.

Go for some lean protein, vegetables, and a complex carb source. These are the staples of a healthy dinner!

It also helps with making your grocery list! When you plan your dinner for the week you know exactly what to buy and you won’t end up buying foods you don’t need.

If you struggle with making meal plans you can always contact me about a personalized meal plan here.


Whether you want to start living healthier or want to lose some weight veggies are your new best friend. They are full of nutrients and fiber that your body needs. Plus they are low calorie but will still fill you up!

You don’t have to start living on salads but make little adjustments. Add some cucumber and tomatoes to your sandwich or some zucchini in your oatmeal this will also add some volume to your meals!

Snacking on veggies can be the solution if you want to lose weight but are always hungry. Take some carrots, tomatoes, bell pepper or cucumbers when you are craving something!

I understand this isn’t your first choice but this has a great impact when snacking is your problem.


Next to veggies meet your other new best friend, water. The best way to stop cravings and feel fuller when dieting. It has zero calories and still fills up your stomach.

Your body needs enough fluids to function properly. When you drink sodas, alcohol or fruit juices you take in a lot of calories.

People who drink normal sodas take in about 400 calories more per day on average. These mainly come from added sugars, they can cause dental caries. And that is why zero calorie drinks are the better option here.

Portion control

This is one of the best ways to keep your portions in control when you don’t want or can’t use a scale. There are some general rules you can follow to make sure your portions and calories will help you reach your goal!

The rules are as followed: a thumb size for fat, palm size for protein, a fist size for carbs and fruits and two hands full of vegetables.

Of course, it is more precise to track your foods on a scale and an app like MyFitnesspal.

If there would only be one thing you change about your diet, this should be it. Because it will have the biggest impact. Most people don’t weight out their foods.

This can be a problem if you have a big appetite, it is very easy to overeat on carbs and fats. Especially when you choose for the ‘white’ version of carbs.

Whole grains

Another small change with great impact. Switch out your white rice for brown rice, your white pasta for whole wheat pasta etc…. This will increase the amount of fiber you take in (something most people lack in their diet).

Fiber is a carbohydrate that your body can’t digest, therefore it helps with bowel movements. Because it can’t be digested it stays in your body and you will feel satiated for longer. Fiber can also be found in veggies and fruits.