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5 Tips to stop yo-yo dieting for good!

5 Tips to stop yo-yo dieting for good!

5 Tips to stop yo-yo dieting for good!? Yo-yo dieting is probably one of the hardest vicious cycles to get out of when it comes to weight loss.

But in the end, it can leave you with a very bad relationship with food and that is something we don’t want.

Yo-yo dieting is eating a lot of calories one day, and then restricting real bad the next day. But this leaves you very hungry so you’ll eat a lot again the next day. And then this cycle continuously.

So here are some tips to get you out of this situation. Know that this isn’t easy and there is always a chance that you fall back into old habits. When this happens don’t give up!

Quit the deadlines.

Stop setting deadlines for yourself when it comes to weight loss. This might make you feel like you are behind on schedule and you’ll eat very little calories to make more progress.

But then you get really hungry again…

Especially when you set unrealistic deadlines for yourself. This can not only lead to yo-yo dieting, it can also be a killer for your motivation.

Aim to lose around 1 pound a week. This is healthy, sustainable and you can still enjoy the foods you love!

Have a solid plan

Having a plan can really help you avoid yo-yo dieting. It makes sure you are not eating too little calories so you are not that hungry. Of course, when you are in a calorie deficit you are going to get hungry at some point.

But it makes a big difference if you have a deficit of 200 or 800 calories! It is also very unhealthy to be in such a big deficit. Make sure you start with around 200-300 calorie deficit and increase when weight loss plateaus.

Don’t exclude foods that you love

It may sound obvious that you need to cut out junk food to lose weight. But this isn’t realistic in the long run. There is going to be a point in time where your cravings might get the best of you.

You can still eat some junk or foods that are not considered clean while losing weight. In the end, when it comes to weight loss it is all about calorie intake. But try to keep your general health in mind as well of course.

Including foods that you love, but might not be considered clean, is great and makes dieting more sustainable. A great way to do this is IIFYM, if you want to learn more about this you can click here.

Find support

Dieting isn’t always easy, it can be a form of extra stress to a maybe already stressful life. Try to find people who can relate or just want to listen. When you are feeling down it can be a big relieve to have someone willing to listen to you.

This can be a friend, family member, online coach or however you feel comfortable. But a support buddy can get you through those hard times!

Be happy with every form of progress

Be happy with every little bit of progress you make, and this doesn’t have to be the number on the scale. It can also be that you look better, clothes fit better or you made progress in the gym.

Be happy with this and throw yourself a little celebration party. Because when you are only happy with the big progress motivation will decrease quickly.

Celebrating doesn’t always have to be with food, it can also just be having a great time with friends or family. But a little cheat meal now and then can actually help you!

I hope that this helps you get through that horrible cycle of yo-yo dieting. It isn’t easy and falling back is something that might happen but you can do it!

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