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Health benefits of lifting

Health benefits of lifting

Lifting weights, we all know it is good for us, some weight and or resistance training. But why is it good for us? And what are the benefits in our daily lives?

This post will cover the major health benefits of lifting, of course, there are more benefits but we will stay with the major ones.

Extends your live expectancy 

Almost all physical activity will add some years to your life, but weightlifting, in particular, has big benefits. This is because we gain muscle mass when lifting.

The more muscle mass you have the less likely you are to die prematurely (1). So if you want to live longer you should not worry as much about your weight or BMI but on your muscle mass.

Natural anti-depressant

This one is again not specific to weight training but lifting weights can be great for your mental health. It has been linked to the reduction of anxiety and depression symptoms.

.Lifting weight can also increase your confidence and self-esteem. It is a great feeling when your clothes fit better and you think you look better.

It will increase your physical work capacity

This is not the only thing that will increase with weight training. Your activities of daily living will improve too. So you are able to work longer, harder and better during activities.

Weight training does not only increase your performance in the gym but also increases performances outside the gym!

Extra muscle mass

Having some muscle mass is great for many reasons, for example as mentioned before it will add some years to your life. But muscle also burns more calories than fat.

Meaning that if a person with a high body fat percentage and a person with muscle mass do nothing at all the one with muscle mass has burned more calories.

Body improvements

Not only will the way you look, improve. There are a lot of other improvements that will happen in your body. Lifting weights helps to toughen up your bones.

This is great because it lowers the risk of you getting fractures (2). It also increases your flexibility and prevents you from injuries.

Getting started

So if you want to get started after hearing these great health benefits you should follow these tips!

Start off by going to a gym (or buying home equipment) that is easily accessible for you, this improves the chance of you actually going.

Make sure the gym feels safe and there are nice people who train and work there, this may not seem like a big deal but it is really important!

The next step is to get a program. This makes sure that you won’t spend an hour walking around the gym not knowing what to do.

Ask a trainer at your local gym to set one up with you, and start with the basics. It is a good idea to see your doctor before starting lifting, just to be sure you won’t hurt yourself.

The third step is to get your nutrition down. This plays a major role when lifting! Honestly, if your diet is shit you won’t feel good or make any progress. Make sure you get enough protein to build some muscle and stick to clean foods for 80% of your diet.

If you have all of these in check and you stick to it for some time you should see the results getting in quick! Make sure you create a routine that you enjoy, can stick to and works for you!