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The habits of a successful dieter (for fat loss)!

The habits of a successful dieter

The habits of a successful dieter. For some people it seems so easy, losing weight or staying on top of their meal plan. What is their secret?

Do they have an amazing self-control, a faster metabolism, are they really motivated (click here when you want to see some tips on how you can stay motivated) or are their magic weight loss pills?

Well, these people have probably made it a lifestyle, by creating habits.


Habits are probably the key to achieving an easy and sustainable healthy lifestyle.

When your goal is to start eating healthier you can throw out all your bad habits at once and see how long you can maintain this, but most people won’t stick long to this cold turkey approach.

Changing small things in your day-to-day live or making small rules for yourself can be a great way to get started. Again don’t start off with 10 habits to get used to and 25 rules you need to live by.

Start off slow and increase when you got used to your habits and rules. I know that rules don’t sound like the most appealing thing, so let me explain. By rules, I don’t mean: I need to eat 120 grams of protein a day with tons of veggies and have no social life because of this.

I mean: trying to add protein to every meal where you can.

These small changes will add up over time, without you really noticing this. Creating a lifestyle that you enjoy, makes you achieve your goals and is sustainable is the ultimate goal.

And it will take some trial and error to achieve this, this perfect lifestyle is different for everyone and that is why it is so hard.

Maybe your best friend loves a low carb diet and this works great for them, This may be their perfect lifestyle. But you love bread and pasta, the diet of your friend will not work for you.

Excluding the foods that you love will set you up for failure, it is not enjoyable or sustainable for you.

Habits and rules

There are some general rules and habits you can get used to that will give you a great result. You can start the first week with cutting out sodas and replacing them with their zero calorie variation.

The next week you can start incorporating the rule that you want to consume veggies with every meal you eat. The next week you can start to incorporate the next rule or habit that will get you closer to your goal!

You can follow these general rules or you can make them up yourself to make them as personal as possible.

When you achieved creating a habit of getting used to a rule you need to write them down. First, as a way to see all the progress you have made, after a while, this will be a big list of ways you have improved your life!

The second reason is to hold yourself accountable, you don’t want to lose the habit that you got used last week.


The last habit of a successful dieter is planning. You might have heard that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And this is very true. Things like meal prep, checking the menu before you go out or just knowing what you are going to eat for dinner can make such a huge difference.

With planning, you are making this lifestyle a lot easier on yourself. When you do meal prepping, for example, the temptation to go have some fast food at lunch is way easier to resist when you have a ready to eat a healthy meal that you only have to throw in the microwave.