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5 Easy tips for dining out on a diet

5 Easy tips for dining out on a diet. Eating out when dieting sounds like a recipe for disaster. You don’t want to throw out all the progress you’ve made.

Luckily this doesn’t have to be the case. There are some tips and tricks that you can follow to make sure you still stay on track! 

To lose fat you need to be in a calorie deficit, you can follow these tips all you want but when you’re not in a deficit you won’t lose any fat!

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Why is it so hard to eat out on a diet?

So, why is eating out so problematic when you are trying to lose some pounds? Well, there are a few reasons.

The first and biggest problem is that you don’t know how the chef prepares the food, it can be really delicious, but this often means full of oil and butter.

The portion sizes you get are also way bigger than you’d eat at home, this on its own is one of the reasons we are all getting heavier. Guide: How to eat out without messing up your diet

We also forget that we don’t only eat a main course, we start off with a nice basket full of freshly baked bread, have a glass of wine and then start with our main course.

Before starting you could already consume 500+ calories!

Do you have to track when eating out on a diet?

I want to note that it is totally fine to eat out and not watch your calorie intake. We all have those moments where we just really don’t feel like it.

Just make sure this doesn’t happen every other day and you’ll be totally fine. This is a lifestyle you are working on. So look at the bigger picture.

You can follow these tips when you want to minimize the damage it does to your overall progress. But don’t think that eating out ones will make you gain all the weight back right away.

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Balance when eating out

The most important thing is to find a lifestyle that helps you get closer to your goal (weight loss) but is still enjoyable and sustainable (eating out).

This isn’t easy, finding this balance, and it will take some trial and error. But in the end you have a life where you can eat out and still stay on track.

These tips are just here to help you find this balance, you don’t have to follow all these tips together.

You can take just one or two, the more you follow the less damage there will be. But you’ll be giving in a little on the experience.

Check the menu before going out

Checking the menu or doing some research can give you a great head start. Knowing what they serve can give you some time to think about your options.

You can compare some meal and maybe find the nutritional value online.

When you are eating out at a fast food chain it is even easier. There are a lot of people out there that compared your choices for you!

Just search for the name of the chain and lowest option and you’ll find a ranking list of the foods!

If you go to a fast food chain know that salads aren’t always your best friend. They might even be higher in calories than two burgers!

This is because of the sauces and adds ons. So make sure to check before going!

That is why it is a great idea to do some research, it might take a little time but it can save you a lot of trouble in the end!

Just imagine you are at Micky D’s and all your friends are eating a nice juicy burger, and you are stuck with the boring salad.

But, at least you ate fewer calories, right? Well, there would be a big disappointment if you’d find out later that you were the one with the higher calorie intake!


Skip some stuff

Don’t get me wrong I am not telling you that you just need to stick to the main course, or that you can’t have a drink at all.

But it might be smart to skip the liquid calories and stick to one or two courses.

This can save you a lot of calories. You don’t have to skip everything just one course or some drinks can make a huge difference already.

Going for some water or zero calorie drinks can be just as enjoyable without adding the calories.

Another simple tip is to ask for the sauce, gravy, or dressing on the side. This is just a little change with big impact.

You’ll still have the great flavor of the sauce, but you are the one that controls the portion size.

This way you don’t have to give in on taste, but you are still saving some calories!

Main course when eating out on a diet

When ordering your main course try to stick to these two things: protein and veggies. These are really tasty, filling and relatively low in calories.

Asking if your protein can be grilled instead of fried or your veggies steamed is a great way to save some calories.

When you are going with a carb source as well, you can always ask if they have brown rice or a whole grain option. These contain more fiber and leave you more satiated than the ‘white’ option!

Let go a little when dining out on a diet

This might be the most important tip I can give you. You don’t eat out every day (I assume) to make it something special and enjoy it.

You go home afterward where you can prep your meals yourself again and can get back on track.

There is nothing wrong with going off track every now and then and taking a little diet break. Cheat meals can even help you with losing more fat! If you’d like to learn how you can click here.Guide: How to eat out without messing up your diet

So please don’t feel guilty or assume you throw away all your hard-earned progress. It is going to be okay, enjoy and let go a little!