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Getting out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone. This post may be a bit different from the previous ones I’ve written. There is no explanation how to make your own fat loss program and you won’t learn what IIFYM is.

In this post, I want to talk about comfort zones and how these are holding most of us back.

Comfort zone

One of the easiest places to be is being in your comfort zone. You do the same things all over again, and you get the same response every time.

We all get stuck in our comfort zones and very few of us make a conscious effort to get out of them.

The people who do get out of them are the ones we look up to. “Oh that guy made it to the top and he is only 23.” or ” Wow, I wish I was brave enough to take that step.”

How often do we say those things to our self’s? We all want to be like the big guys on the top, but we don’t take the steps.

So why don’t we take the steps to get us where we want to be? Well, that is an easy answer, we like our comfort zone. So let’s say you have developed a product, let’s call it X.

You want X to be sold worldwide in the best supermarkets that you know. To achieve this you need to get up, start contacting people, talk to strangers, start advertisements, etc…. But this requires us to do something we don’t want to do.

We don’t want to do this because we like how things are now. You have a stable income, you can spend your weekends hanging around with friends.

Everything is ok as it is now, also without X hitting the markets. And with this product X stays nothing but a dream.

Examples of getting out of your comfort zone

And this is something I get stuck in as well. Why would I start a YouTube channel (even though I’ve wanted to do this since I was 13), why would I do something I find terrifying?

This has recently been on my mind and I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort of getting out of my comfort zone. And honestly, I noticed that there is a lot that is outside of my comfort zone.

Here are some examples of what was definitely out of my comfort zone: talking to a waitress and asking if we could be seated somewhere else.

Because we were placed next to the kid’s playroom. Talking to some of my teachers and asking them some (what I thought where stupid) questions.

And these are just some examples of the last week. But what did it bring me? I had a great dinner experience after we were re-seated because we could finally hear each other.

And I finally understand the learning material for my next test.

My examples may seem like a normal day to you and you have other things that are outside your comfort zone.

And that is totally normal, just imagine if we all were afraid of the same things. But in only the first week of trying this, it has learned me a lot.

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