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Juice cleanses: legit or a scam?

Juice cleanses: legit or a scam?

Juice cleanses, there is a big chance you have heard of them since they gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. But does it really work or is it just a scam?

It is a diet that you can categorize as a crash diet, meaning you’ll lose weight really quickly. This is because you suddenly drop your calories really low. But this also comes with a cost.

So why do people do juice cleanses? And are there any health benefits? Find out all about juice cleanses in this article!

General idea 

Juice cleansing or sometimes called juice fasting is a diet that is based around fruits and veggies.

This sounds great but you are only allowed to consume them in liquid form, the rest of the time you are fasting.

The ratio of most cleanses are 80% vegetables and 20% fruits.

You still get in a lot of nutrients when you are doing this but you are likely to develop a salt deficiency when you follow this diet for a longer period.

There is very little sodium in vegetables and fruits, and while most of us get in too much sodium. This diet can cause you to get a deficiency.

A sodium deficiency can lead to headaches and weakness, and later on light-headedness and nausea.


Often a juice cleanse is looked at as a way of detoxing. But detox diets (of course there are differences in duration and exact types) can be very dangerous and cause serious health problems.

Detoxing is a type of alternative medicines.

Meaning that there are people who believe in juice cleansing or any other type of alternative medicine can help you cure various diseases.

One of the main reasons to follow a detox is the hope that it will magically cure you from any problems you might have. 

But detoxing 2-7 days has a long-lasting health benefits right? This is something you probably heard someone who does this say at some point.

However, this statement is just a marketing myth (1). The entire concept of detoxing is actually a marketing myth made by companies to make some extra money.

So what do you eat?

During a juice cleanse you are stuck drinking juices all day (pretty obvious looking at the name). The ratio of these juices are often 80% vegetables and 20% fruits.

With this, you do get in some minerals, fiber, and vitamins. But you are not providing your body with everything it needs to function properly.

Like healthy fats, enough carbohydrates or protein. 


As mentioned before juice detoxing is mostly just a marketing stunt. Just with a quick online search, you can find numerous ways to do juice cleanses and powders to help you. All for a nice price of course.

This marketing stunt works amazing because it works to some extent. Because yes, you will lose a lot of weight during this cleanse.

The only thing is that the moment you stop juice cleansing you will gain it all back (or even more). Consuming such low calories is not healthy or maintainable for the long run. 

Another thing is that the weight you lose isn’t actually fat. It is mostly water weight, but the scale doesn’t see the difference between these two.

But you are losing weight right? But is it the weight the fat that you actually want to lose? No. Is it a healthy way to live? No. Is it a healthy way to lose weight? No. Does it cost you a lot of money? Yes.

Fad diet

Juice cleanses fall under the category fad diets. Meaning that there is no scientific evidence that this works or has any health benefits.

But when juice cleansing your metabolism will slow down, you’ll get cold quicker and you will feel weak because of the low calories you take in. 


Normally I end these DDE by saying that you should try out the diet for yourself to see if it works. Because everybody is different and has different preferences and needs.

But not with this one. I don’t see any benefits to this diet for anyone.

The only time I would say you should do this, is when it is (for whatever reason) recommended by your doctor or any other professional in the medical field.

I write these posts for people trying to get a bit healthier, but when you have a serious health problem always listen first to your own doctor!