The FFT Stay Fit at Home program

HIIT training for fat loss

What is happening in the world right now is sad. It is important that we stay safe and healthy. That is why it is best to avoid gyms, but it is important to stay in shape. With the home workouts from FFT you can stay in shape while staying safe and inside! 

Stay healthy during the Corona virus outbreak by staying away from home while getting fit at home! 

  • Acces to all the home workouts on the FFT app. Home workouts are updated weekly!
  • Community, aks your questions, share your progress and much more!
  • Track your food intake
  • Join our fun challenges
  • Memberships are cheaper than ever to ensure everyone can stay as healthy as possible at home during this outbreak. 

Now in price reduced!

  • Acces to home workouts Updated weekly!
  • Food tracking Track your food intake in the app
  • Community Ask your questions, share your progress and much more in the community!
  • Challenges Every other week we have a challenge with our community members