I help women and men lose their first 10KG while still eating the foods they love most.

The FFT Coaching program. Change your physique in 12 weeks. During these 12 weeks you will: 

✅ Learn to lose fat AND keep if off

✅ Eat the foods you love while losing fat

✅ Get in shape and improve your strength

✅ Lose fat or gain weight depending on your goals

✅ Feel more confident in your own skin!

Questions about the coaching? Send me a DM on instagram (@FitnessFT_) or shoot me an email at coaching@fitnessft.com or use the contact form below!

How do we get started ?

Purchase the package

Start by purchasing the coaching package so we can get started!

Check ins

Every other week we have check ins. Here we talk about the progress you have made and if there is any need to make adjustments to your plans.


After you purhcase the package you will receive an intake. Based on this information I will start making your plans.

24/7 Contact

You don't have to wait for the check ins to get in contact with your coach. When you have questions, need more information or when you are looking for motivation you can always mail your coach.

Personal plans

Withing 48 hours you will receive your personal plans and more information about the coaching.


The personal plans, guidance of your coach and 24/7 contact will get you the results you have been looking for!

FFT Coaching- How are we going to do this?

Personal Workout Plant

You get a personal workout plan. Depending on the number of days you want/can train we choose a split and choose the exercises.

Personal Nutrition Plan

You get a personal nutrition plan, with calorie and macro targets. If prefered you can also get example meal plans.


You can always get in contact with your coach, next to the check ins. For questions, tips, motivation or anything else!

High quality

I only take on a handful of clients. This way I can offer you the quality and attention you deserve!


All the plans and messages are personally made for you. No cookie cutter plans here!


The FFT coaching challenge is the most affordable high quality coaching out there!

Prices coaching


Price based on 3 months of coaching NORMALLY 49.99

  • Check ins every other week We will discuss your progress
  • Personal Everyone is unique, so is your coaching approach
  • Affordable FFT believes coaching should be available for as many people as possible
  • 24/7 Mail contact Send mails whenever you want with your questions or when you need tips
  • Perfect to get a great start on your fitness journey!