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Cheap bulking food

Cheap bulking food

Cheap bulking food. Time has come, it is starting to get colder and most lifters want to start a bulk. Eating above their maintenance calories so that they can gain some extra muscle mass.

Winter is the best time to do this since the extra fat you will gain is not really noticeable

Want to make sure you know all the basics of nutrition, so you can live a healthy and balanced lifestyle while still eating pizza and donuts?

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Everyone’s bulking calories are different so the amount of food that you take in is different too. Some people will gain weight with 2200 calories and some need 3500.

To know what your numbers are you just have to try it out. No one likes to spend more money than they actually need so here is a great budget bulking plan. If you can buy foods in bulk (hehehe) or when there is a sale. 

Cheap carbohydrates for bulking

The best carb sources when bulking are the ones you can eat a lot of (this goes for all of the macros, to be honest). Carbs are really important while bulking because your body needs the energy to work out.

Some of the best foods you can go for is oatmeal, rice, and potatoes. These are all complex carbohydrates that will give you energy for the entire day.

For some simple carbs, you can go for high-calorie fruits like bananas, mango, pineapple, and grapes. 

Cheap protein for bulking

Protein is extremely important whether you are cutting or bulking. It will build and maintain your muscle mass. So finding good protein sources is a must when you are a lifter.

When you want to go for some cheap sources you can go for protein powder, full-fat yogurt, eggs, salmon and minced meat.

These are all protein sources that also include fats, this makes them higher in calories (and more enjoyable). You, of course, can go for chicken, tuna or turkey but these are lower in calories.

Cheap fats for bulking

Even though we got a good amount of fats with our protein sources we want to really bulk up. Fats contain 9 calories per gram instead of 4 so they are perfect for putting on some size.

Great and cheap sources are peanut butter (always try to go for the natural ones without any extras), olive oil and seeds (sunflower, chia, pumpkin etc…). 


Some of you out there are probably real hard gainers, people who never seem to gain weight even if they want to. There are many great and cheap food sources out there that are high in calories and not that filling.

Snack on some dried fruits and nuts. This is not only a tasty snack it is insanely high in calories and will provide you healthy fats and fast working carbs. This also goes for nut butter.

Eating the ‘white’ version of grains. This takes out the fiber content of foods. So go for white rice instead of brown, these are less satiating and makes it easier to eat more.

If you are an extreme hard gainer you can make your own hard gainer shake. You can buy the pre-made ones, but these are often way too expensive.

To make your shake you can add oatmeal, protein powder, fruits (frozen or fresh), peanut butter and if you are an extreme hard gainer you can add olive oil.

This may sound gross but you won’t taste it and it adds a lot of calories.


When bulking it is easy to go for fast food options and forget about your vitamins and minerals, this is understandable.

Try to apply the 80/20 rule in your diet. Eat 80% clean foods (those mentioned earlier in the post) and the other 20% you can fill with whatever you want, you are bulking so the calories are welcome.

When it is a real problem to get your daily vitamins you can always get a supplement just to be sure. Or you can visit your doctor to get checked if you have any deficiencies.

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