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Beginner muscle building tips!

Beginner muscle building tips! So you just started with lifting weight and you want to see results quick. Luckily as a newbie in the gym, this is possible!

With good training and nutrition, you’ll see results in no time (also known as newbie gains). Here are the five absolute beginner tips to get you started on your journey!

And we will also cover some benefits of lifting weights to keep you motivated!

Weight training

Weight training is a form of strength training. And is the most used method to strengthen your muscles.

You use a variety of equipment (barbells, dumbbells, machines, body-weight, etc..) and movements to target specific muscle groups

Often there are different programs for men and women. This is not because they need different things to build muscle.

But often they have different goals, for example, men want broad shoulders, a big chest and focus mainly on the upper body.

Here you can find some tips and training programs for men where you find all the info you need, click here. (Dutch)

Females, on the other hand, tend to focus on the lower body more and like to have a slim look.

Here you can find some tips and training programs for females where you find all the info you need, click here. (Dutch)

  1. Take it easy when lifting

This may sound weird but you don’t want to go all out when you are untrained. There are studies that you will gain more muscle like this.

A good place to start is to pick a weight that you can do for 3 sets of 10 reps.

After a while slowly increase volume, weight or decrease rest time to make sure you have progressive overload. 

When you just start off you don’t want to focus on maxing out your weights. What you do want to focus on is proper form. This will be the most important thing that you can focus on when you are just starting.

2. Protein intake

As mentioned before your nutrition is super important for recovery. Most beginners don’t get enough protein to recover properly from their workouts.

There are many misconceptions and myths about protein intake.

For example your anabolic window after a workout, or that your body only can absorb 30 grams of protein per meal. 

The most important thing is to just get your protein. Don’t focus on the timing, specific types of protein or whether or not you can combine them with carbohydrates

When you are a bit more advanced you can start looking at pre and post workout nutrition. This can help you but the basics need to be right first!

3. Compound movements

Focusing on compound movements is the best way to grow. These are the exercises that require multiple muscles in your body. Like your squat, deadlift, bench, etc…

The only problem with compound movements is that they require good form, which can be hard to do for a newbie.

Doing compound movements with bad form can put a lot of unwanted stress on the wrong muscles and joints, which can lead to injuries.

Go light until you fully have the right form down, it might not look as impressive but it will help you in the long run!

Make sure you ask your trainer for an explanation of the exercise and ask if he wants to look at your form.

It is super important to have a good form. I can’t stress this enough. Because this prevents you from injuries in the future.

4. Mobility

Warming up and stretching will pay off in the future. This is one of the tips that people will neglect the most because you don’t feel the consequences immediately.

But neglecting this can result in bad form during workouts, higher chance of injuries and lack of range of motion.

Stretching and getting more flexible will also come in handy in your day to day life!

So please do this and it will give you so many benefits in the future! It can also increase the range of motion that will help you during your workouts.

The bigger the motion the more your muscles are working.

5. Ask for help

This can be scary for a lot of people. You just want to be like the rest of the people working out but you still got so many questions.

Don’t be afraid to go to a trainer (or someone who is just working out) and ask them something.

Just don’t be the creepy person who stares at someone for five minutes and then decides to not ask anything after all.

When you are in the gym you want to learn and improve yourself, everyone else in your gym has the same goals in mind! So you may have some first-time gym fear. But remember that everyone started somewhere.

Don’t forget to share and let me know what you think, it is highly appreciated!