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6 Tips to maximize your fat loss

6 Tips to maximize your fat loss

6 Tips to maximize your fat loss. No one likes dieting longer than necessary, so here are 6 tips to maximize the amount of fat you burn!

Before I get started with the tips it is important to know that there is one thing you need, a calorie deficit. If you want to learn how to find this, this link will help you out.

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When you consume these calories on a daily basis, you will start to burn fat! So now that you know this, let’s get started with the tips!

High protein diet for fat loss

Protein is an amazing macro when it comes to weight loss. It is really satiating, relatively low in calories and can boost your metabolism by 80-100 calories. (1)

It is that satiating that it can save you up to 441 calories a day (2) (3). This can make a calorie deficit a lot easier to sustain. And the easier it is the bigger the chance of success. 

It reduces your food thoughts and the desire for late night snacking by half (4)! Just adding more protein to your diet can already give you some great results!

Protein also has the highest thermic effect of food, this sounds complicated but it is the number of calories your body needs to digest it. So if you eat 100 calories of protein it will only take in 80 since it uses 20% for digestion.


Water is your new best friend when you are dieting. Drinking water can do a lot of great things, not only when dieting.

It boosts your metabolism by 24-30% for an hour to an hour and a half (5)(6). This will help you burn more calories and makes a deficit easier.

Drinking half a liter of water (which comes down to 17 ounces) before you eat a meal can decrease your calorie intake and can make you lose 44% more weight.(7)

If you have a hard time drinking water you can spice it up a little. You can add lemon, sugar-free syrup or go for a zero calorie drink. 

Water is not the only liquid that will help you on your weight loss journey. Coffee is a drink with numerous health benefits and it’s packed with antioxidants.

The caffeine in coffee can actually boost your metabolism with 3-11% and this can increase the burning of fat 10-29%. (8)(9)(10)

But don’t fill your coffee with sugar and creamer or even butter. This will add to your total calorie intake but won’t help you much in terms of satiation.

Strength training

Weight loss can lead to the slowdown of your metabolism. And when this happens you are not broken, it actually makes sense. The amount of calories you burn on a daily basis is based on your gender, activity level, age, height, and weight.

So when the weight goes down your daily energy expenditure goes down as well.

But there is something you can do to prevent this from happening. And that is doing a form of resistance exercise.

It will keep your metabolism high and in combination with a high protein diet can prevent muscle loss or when you are new to this can help you gain muscle mass. (11)(12)

Fiber for fat loss

Fiber is a form of carbohydrate that can’t be digested in the body. And that is why it is great for fat loss. Fiber can increase satiety and over the long term can help control weight.

The biggest sources of fiber are fruits vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. The average recommendation is to take in 14 grams of fiber per 1000 kcal.


Something a lot of people tend to forget when dieting, sleep. And that makes sense because it isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind when someone says fat loss.

But poor sleep is one of the biggest risk factors for obesity. It is even linked to an increase of almost 90% of obesity in children and 55% in adults. (13)

Aim to get at least 7-8 hours a night. Sleep deprivation can lead to increased levels of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. (14)

Having high levels of cortisol over a longer period of time is linked to weight gain, sleep disorders, anxiety and hormonal imbalance.

Focus on what gives you results

The last tip that I am going to give you is to focus on what gives you the most results.

You can go really deep and start to look at nutrient timing, supplementation, meal frequency but this will only do so much.

It is way more important to focus on the big stuff. A calorie deficit, resistance training, good sleep, and sustainability.

The other stuff is a bit more advanced and you can do this if you’d like but the extra results you are going to get are minimal in comparison.

And won’t even be there at all when you don’t have the bigger stuff down first.

Supplements for fat loss

When it comes to supplements there are a lot of them out there claiming to help you with your weight loss.

But most of them will give you minimal results for the money and time you spend on them.

The ones I would advise you to use, are protein powder and maybe a pre-workout. Remember that these are supplements and definitely not necessary when your diet is fine.

Protein powder can help you increase your overall protein intake very easily and is a great way to add some variety to your diet. 

Pre-workout can help you with your workouts by giving you an extra boost. When you are in a calorie deficit it is hard to maintain muscle mass and strength levels in the gym.

There are also many other sources like coffee that can give you a caffeine boost.

These are some tips to make sure you are maximizing your fat loss. Don’t forget to share and let me know what you think in the comments!

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