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10 Fitness & Nutrition Instagram accounts to Follow

Are you new to fitness & nutrition? Or looking for some more inspiration for your meals and workouts? Here you’ll find 10 of the best Instagram accounts that will help you out! These are in no particular order, and if you want to check them out you can click on the link to go to their page!


Of course I can’t leave out myself. I post regularly about nutrition, fitness and mindset. My content is for those who are starting out or the average fitness goer and it is easy to understand and carry out in your own daily life.

Follow when you are looking for: simple and useful advice on any topic regarding health and fitness.


We start the list of fitness & nutrition instagram accounts with Jared, there is no specific order to the placing!

Jared is one of the nicest guys you’ll find in the fitness industry. With motivating videos, information, and his daily doughnut you get original and motivating content. His posts are easy to understand and great for every beginner but also for those who have been training for longer!

Follow when you are looking for: great weight loss advice, motivational videos and myth-busting.


The best account if you are looking for some funny, no bullshit advice on what to do. With his constant drive to call people out for their bullshit products, you know you’re going to have a fun time and you won’t fall again for those scams!

Follow when you are looking for: Funny content, no b*llshit advice and myth-busting.


If you want to learn more about particular exercises, get free workout routines and learn even more you found the right guy. You’ll see daily posts that will give you new workout inspiration or help you perfect your form. You get example workout routines that you can try and learn enough to make your own workouts!

Follow when you are looking for: frequent informational content, workout tips and example workout routines.


Rob posts tons of information about all kinds of stuff. It differs from nutrition to workout tips to meal ideas. You will learn a lot and all the information is super useful to help you navigate through all the fake and useless information out there.

Follow when you are looking for: information about everything you need to know to start your fitness journey.


Peter uploads videos that will learn you the most common made mistakes with popular exercises, keeps you motivated gives you a look in the Asian kitchen! You learn about all new kinds of foods and their nutritional values. His advice is honest and easy to follow!

Follow when you are looking for: Easy to understand advice, learn about new cultures and workout videos.


Sarah is someone you can’t miss on a list of fitness & nutrition instagram accounts. When you are trying to learn more about the right mindset during your fitness and weight loss journey you found the right person. Sarah often posts pictures and quotes that help you maintain a healthy mindset during your journey! Her posts are positive and honest, they will help you tons with mental health.

Follow when you are looking for: mindset tips and positive content.


Kurt posts daily infographics that will help you understand weight loss much more. From recommended body fat to metabolic finishers, you will learn lots of tips for weight loss. His posts are easy to understand and will help you get into a calorie deficit a lot easier.

Follow when you are looking for: tips and help for weight loss.


Niklas helps you by giving tons of information and tips on how to improve your workouts. He shows the best ways to perform a specific exercise and makes sure you don’t fall for the common made mistakes.

Follow when you are looking for: help with workouts and exercises.


Sam posts a lot about mental health and fitness. With every post she tries to fight the diet culture and teaches you how to lose weight in a healthy way without messing with your mental state of mind.

With simple tips and tricks she helps you achieve your goals!

Follow when you are looking for: healthy weight loss and mental health tips.

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